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Instant Messaging encryption solution
Download Simp Lite for MSN Messenger now!

SimpLite-MSN: MSN Messenger encryption

SimpLite, the free MSN Messenger encryption solution


You are using MSN Messenger to chat with your friends or colleagues. Did you know your messages are sent over the Internet in cleartext form?

By encrypting messages before they leave your computer to the Internet, SimpLite-MSN prevents eavesdroppers from reading your MSN Messenger conversations. As the original successor of Simp 1.0, SimpLite-MSN benefits from state of the art algorithms to secure your messages, whilst maintaining an intuitive interface.

Our products can handle both encrypted and unencrypted chats. If your contacts use SimpLite/SimpPro, conversations will be encrypted. Otherwise, they will remain unencrypted.

SimpLite-MSN is free for personal use at home or at the office. However, only one product from the SimpLite family can be launched at the same time on your computer. For corporate or more demanding home users, we recommend you to check SimpPro, our commercial version. Compatible with SimpLite, it can encrypt multiple IM services simultaneously, produce encrypted logs, encrypt file transfers amongst many other exciting features!

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